Open, functional and widely used. This small apartment in Sao Paulo (Brazil) is the result of the reform carried out by Studio AG, which has completely renovated the space to optimize every centimeter and adapt it to the needs and tastes of the customer. The house is for a young man who came to the city to go to university. It was a project meant to be used during the week, as he goes back to his parents’ home on weekends. The client requested an apartment that was practical, timeless and with a completely open space. The project had to organize the different day and night programs, leaving them connected but well defined.

In the initial project, the apartment had a mezzanine but, as the interior designers comment, “we decided to eliminate it and leave the space larger and more organized”. We tried to explore the horizontal line marked by the large window in the corner of the apartment and create a low panel where all the functions are performed: sofa, bed, study table and bench. Because everything in this house is custom designed , created on purpose to optimize every available inch. The aesthetics have also been designed and redesigned to get more out of the space, choosing to unify the materials, in which wood predominates and a palette of neutral tones full of harmony to avoid excesses and give a greater sense of order and spaciousness.